About Your Local Superhero


My name is Tamara Corchado and I have Down Syndrome. Yes, Down Syndrome. Some people think this is a disability, but the word "disability" isn't in my vocabulary. Down Syndrome is my super power. I actually kept it a secret from my parents for 6 months! It's not usual for a superhero like me to have a secret that long, but a doctor told my parents I may be one of the lucky ones when I was 6 months old! My secret was out and I stepped into my superhero role from that day forward.  

My family is my biggest support system and I love filling every room I walk into with light, happiness, and positive energy! I noticed at a young age that some people would stare at me when I walked into public places, but I payed it no mind. My sister on the other hand, did not take that lightly and pushed me to show those people there is nothing different about me. Yes, I am a superhero, but I am just like them! So from a young age, I have been on a mission to break the stigma around my superpower! All of those tough conversations with strangers and situations where I had to prove people wrong have prepared me for this business! 

I started making candles because of the wonders aromatic therapy had on my mental health. Shortly after, my candle business was born, but with the mission to support all of the Down Syndrome superheroes out there!
If you are another superhero or want to join the movement in breaking the stigma around the Down Syndrome superpower, connect with me on Instagram @chromosomecandles! I'd love to connect with all of my customers!