Down Syndrome Awareness

What is Down Syndrome? 

I know I refer to Down Syndrome as a superpower, but the real science behind it is actually pretty neat! My fellow superheroes and I have an extra copy of our 21st chromosome. It's as simple as that if you ask me! The Down Syndrome superpower can look different on everyone. Some superheroes can speak, look, and move a little differently. We are all still pretty awesome people no matter how our superpower represents itself. 


What am I doing to bring awareness? 

I plan on doing two major things with my Chromosome Candles: 

  1. Empower my other superheroes by showing them all that is possible and that the boundaries placed on us by society can be broken! 
  2. With every candle I sell, I will donate a portion of the proceeds to the National Down Syndrome Society. The National Down Syndrome Society is an amazing organization that tons of families with little superheroes rely on to learn how to raise a successful superhero! 

I hope you join me in spreading the word about Down Syndrome and breaking the stigma constantly placed on us. I know there will be a day when us superheroes can walk into a room and not be stared at - I promise I will do everything I can to see that happen!